Late Summer

We started planning the garden in earnest in February : Looking away from the house to the bottom of the garden and facing east, a dominant circular decorative bed for the Soho roses and other ornamentals; a hedge of white deciduous shrubs to provide contrast to the colour of the Soho bed and screen off the more utility sections of the garden (but deciduous so they don’t shade the cutting garden behind during the Winter!) ; a central path extending the length of the garden and demarcated at either end by 2 green steel arches of climbing roses and clematis; 2 cutting gardens of bulbs and flowers either side of the central axis with a glasshouse on the northern edge; 2 vegetable gardens for vegies and berries with a compost bay on the shady side and finally a chook palace at the bottom of the garden beside the mulberry tree !Blog Late Summer20%Reszd2015-02-06 12.21.21Ross (my wonderful husband and Chief Gardener !) hoed a crop circle around the old sundial, given to us as a wedding present by my sister, to determine the placement of the Soho Bed , then we laid down old torn packing case cardboard to suppress the grass. The start of a new garden is always such an exciting time, full of dreams and great promise !Blog Late Summer20%Reszd2015-02-06 12.45.24Blog Late Summer20%Reszd2015-03-03 14.47.16It is so wonderful having free time again after the last 18 months working full-time on computers and even though the budget is very tight, it is great being able to garden, bake and sew again! We have resumed making our own no- knead bread and biscuits  and I made a lemon coconut heart- shaped cake and a special card for my love on Valentine’s Day. I decorated the cake with a single bloom of Chateau de Clos Vouget (1920), one of the three roses initially here. There is also a huge old yellow Banksia rose over the outdoor eating area and on the street-side  of the house is another climbing rose, as yet unidentified,  until  gets its first flower for the season.Blog Late Summer20%ReszdIMG_2767Blog Late Summer20%Reszd2015-02-27 13.46.46

I also assembled a treasure chest-of-drawers from Kaiser Craft papers to hold all my decorative embellishments for my future sewing projects.Blog Late Summer20%Reszd2015-01-31 15.56.30

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