New Beginnings

The first day of Spring !!! Such an exciting time in the garden, as it slowly wakes up after its long Winter sleep, the changes barely imperceptible at first, then slowly gathering pace as the days lengthen and finally exploding into a riot of scent and colour by the time Summer arrives ! Or so we hope !!!

We have been here 8 months now and have gradually developed the garden framework, so Spring seemed like a perfect time to launch my blog, Candelo Blooms,  dedicated to our garden, Old Roses, our beautiful local area, environment, birds, our creative endeavours, art, music, homegrown and home-produced food and all the good things in life ! We are loving our new home and have made many exploratory trips of our beautiful local area, but to do the latter justice, I will delay writing about these forays until the blog gets underway in earnest and shall instead focus this first week on the development of the garden so far and the start of my new career as a textile artist !Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-20 16.03.37We moved here in January in high Summer with a border of flame-orange monbretias, pink and white lilies and pink verbena; a hedge of pink and mauve buddleia, a corner of hydrangea blooms of green, blue, violet and pink and every imaginable combination and permutation of those colours and another of Acanthus mollis; and a very impressive steep wall of cool blue and white agapanthus.Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-21 10.51.02The trees are mature and well established and include 2 giant pepperina trees and 2 tall loquat trees beside the house and 4 huge old cypress trees on the corner of the block, lending our home the feel of living in a tree house- a wonderful vantage point for viewing birds and a gift for keen birdwatchers !Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-14 11.08.47The large front lawn has a white mulberry tree in the bottom corner; a red bottlebrush and Malus floribunda on the bottom fenceline;  a side border of birch, almond and apple trees; feral privet and duranta, both adored by the birds; and 4 beautiful sheoaks, which we loved, but unfortunately had to remove later on, due to the excessive shade they cast over the Winter garden. At key points, maple trees punctuate the lawn and serve as focal points and indicators for future garden design.Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-21 11.02.36Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-21 10.37.16We were keen to develop a highly productive garden, full of vegetables and berries, as well as my beloved Old Roses and other favourite old-fashioned plants. I love the abundance and look of blowsy old-fashioned gardens, but because our verandah overlooks the front garden, I still wanted some structure and pattern to its design.Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-13 17.28.32While most of January was mainly spent settling in, we heeled in our roses from Soho Rose Farm ( ), where we used to work and which supplied all the beautiful rose blooms for the Melbourne florists and the visits of the rich and famous ! We had 12 lovely old Hybrid Tea and David Austin roses, all highly scented and which had survived 3 badly timed transplantations and were still flowering in Summer despite all their moves!Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-02-03 15.32.45We  found a home for all our pots and cuttings under one of the maples and planted out a housewarming gift from close friends, a ‘Pink Ice’ protea, behind the birdbath. We also made a path ( with a little help from our friend, our 15 year old dog Scamp) out of old mosaic steppingstones, which  my children made when they were young.Blog NewBeginnings20%Reszd2015-01-21 10.34.49

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Congratulations on Candelo Blooms and on sharing the beauty of your garden & country idyll. Definitely not idle! I look forward to reading and seeing more as your adventure unfolds across the seasons.


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