Spring has Sprung !

It is such an exciting time in the garden ! The recent rain and wind resulted in a flurry of snowflakes from the white Prunus – so beautiful watching the gentle fall of the blossoms – and the Ascendancy of the Crab (Malus floribunda) as the dominant feature tree in the garden.

Blog SpringsprungFav20%Reszd2015-09-15 09.49.21Blog SpringsprungFav20%Reszd2015-09-15 09.52.25Blog SpringsprungFav20%Reszd2015-09-15 09.48.44Within just one week, the maples were in full new leaf. The pomegranate, white mulberry and poplar have decided to follow their lead and the Carolina Allspice and Snowball Tree are finally showing signs of life! Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0586Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0580The new lilacs and exochorda are developing flower buds and ipheon, broom, calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’) and bluebells are flowering in the house beds. My cute little mosaic Birds-on-a-Stick enjoy the latter’s company. I made in a workshop with Helen Millar in Geelong. See : http://www.flockofbirdsmosaics.org/) .Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0557Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0543Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0522Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0544

The flowering bulbs  fill my heart with joy, especially when the sun shines through the tulips!

Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0521Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0617It was a hive of activity in the garden this week, with so many jobs requiring attention that we had to work on a number of different fronts. The largest achievement, and a job which was well-overdue, was the removal of the enormous pile of garden waste, which had accumulated over the past 9 months! It is just so good to see the rainforest area clear now !

Blog SpringsprungFav20%Reszd2015-09-15 09.55.41Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0615We discovered an old tree stump underneath the pile, so we planted a Birds Nest Fern in it. The photo on the bottom shows the view from the rainforest area.Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0606Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0616Ross drilled all the holes for the stirrups for the Banksia pergola. We just have to fix in the uprights now!

Blog SpringsprungFav20%Reszd2015-09-15 09.56.37Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0587He finished the initial digging of the Moon Bed and made a very  wise decision to use the No-Dig method (for an explanation, see : http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s867068.htm) on the new cutting garden, which is currently under cardboard and hay to suppress the grass. When he dumped the garden waste, he collected a new trailer load of manure, which we will apply on top, then a layer of pea-straw before planting a crop of potatoes to break up the soil. I can’t wait for this new cutting bed to develop, as I am keen to broadcast the mixed Dahlia seeds, given to me by my friend in Armidale. She assures me that some of them are real beauties ! Our current specimens have not yet peeked their heads up, in fear of a return of frost, even though we haven’t had one for ages !

Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0607Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0609I also started weeding the Soho Bed and Ross has mulched all the roses with sugar cane mulch. The photo on the right also shows the fully dug Moon Bed in the background. Unfortunately, we have both had heavy colds this week, so we have just plodded along, but the colour and beauty of the garden really lifts our spirits every day!Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0612Blog SpringsprungFav20%ReszdIMG_0613


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