Spring Feasting!

A quieter spell this week, but still plenty of important growth and a few new appearances. Time to take a breather and appreciate the fruits of our labour! Not that we had a lot to do with this year’s bountiful crop of mulberries! What a wonderful tree! See photos 1 to 3 below. Every day yields more ripe black fruit, which are tasty and juicy and full of antioxidants and healthy vitamins! It is also full of the twitter of nesting birds – lots of little blue wrens! No doubt, they are also feasting, but probably on  insects, while the feral Duranta (photo 4) is preparing for the onslaught of King Parrots later on!BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 17.34.58BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 15.48.07BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 15.41.22BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 19.39.31We are also really enjoying the produce from our vegetable garden : lettuce, rocket, radishes, chard and celery. The potatoes, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes are all growing well and the blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are setting fruit.BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.34.05BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.34.14BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 16.58.48BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-31 08.46.01The Oyster Plant (Acanthus mollis) is also a star this week, both in the garden and against the house.BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 15.52.27BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 14.54.33A few more roses have appeared in the Soho Bed: Copper Queen (photos 1 and 2) and Just Joey (photos 3 and 4).BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 16.56.55BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 14.55.56BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 19.34.40BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-11-01 13.52.26And more old ones : Autumn Delight (photo 1); Golden Celebration (photo 2); Mutabilis (photos 3 and 4); Penelope (photos 5 and 6); Felicia (photo 7); Alnwick (photo 8); Eglantyne (photo 9); Fair Bianca (photo 10); Troilus (photo 11); and Heaven Scent (photo 12).BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 14.57.33BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 10.01.21BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 10.16.23BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 09.59.30BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.34.54BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.35.08BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 10.16.10BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 16.57.01BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 18.30.17BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 18.30.56BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-11-01 13.53.12BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-11-01 13.51.47The foot of the sundial in the Soho Bed will hopefully soon be covered by my galloping thyme! Alister Stella Gray is living up to her other name : Golden Rambler.BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 18.30.39BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-31 08.40.00We are looking forward to seeing the Moon Bed in full bloom next week. Windermere (photos 3 and 4) is about to join Troilus and Golden Celebration. In the meantime, we transplanted the daisies ( grown from cuttings), the columbines (grown from seed) and the Bearded Iris (from under the cumquat trees) to the Moon Bed to complement the roses (photo 1). We also bought the timber for the Main Pergola, which we will start once the Snowball tree has finished flowering (photo 2). Not a moment too soon for Mme Alfred Carrière (photo 5 below), who graces the entrance to the garden! On the other side of the pergola, the Carolina Allspice is developing exotic black buds (photo 6).BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 16.57.39BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.36.19BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 18.27.53BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-11-01 13.53.26BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 15.49.27BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.35.50Elsewhere in the garden, Lady O (Grevillea) has sent out new red blooms and the Woodbine is gearing up to take over the fence. We must get some training wires up soon! The iron arches for the climbers over the front gate and path are also urgent!BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 07.36.57BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-28 16.55.23I love the clove scent of these pretty pink carnations and the sunny golden calendulas outside our back porch.BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 15.05.30BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 13.35.27I had a lovely time over the weekend arranging beautiful vases of flowers : the last of the Dutch Iris (photo 1); Pretty Pastels : roses, cornflowers, carnations, stock, anemones, ranunculas, lavenders and catmint (photos 2 – 4); and Sizzling Ranunculas (photos 5 and 6)! I wish you could smell the scent of the roses with the spicy undertones of the stock and carnations!BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 11.04.10BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 11.01.43BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 13.46.08BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 11.00.01BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-29 13.46.25We also attended a local Open Garden ‘Collinswood’, where I was delighted to find one of my favourite Wichuriana ramblers, Albertine, which has fierce thorns and needs a large area in which to grow (see photo 1 below). On our return home on our evening ramble, we discovered new poppy buds of a very different size and shape to the earlier wild poppies (photos 2 to 4). The leaves are also different  – a bluer-grey-green with a bit of a corkscrew twist to them! YES!!! We do have the double luscious peony poppies after all!!! Photo 2 shows the difference between the peony poppies either side of the path and the wild poppy in the centre.BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 12.02.12BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-30 18.29.28And most exciting of all, I have my new camera! It is very similar to my old one, but has been upgraded to a 30x  optical zoom. We did contemplate whether to buy an SLR, but this model’s size, portability and cost won the day! I can see we are going to have a lot of fun with it, but am not sure whether it knows how much work lies ahead!BlogSpringfeastg20%Reszd2015-10-31 07.26.17


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