The End of Spring

The rain has eased off a bit this week and while the rest of NSW has been sweltering, we have been enjoying very civilized sunny days in the low to mid 20s! Perfect weather for both us and the garden!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.37.33BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-15 12.17.23

The Soho Bed is still revelling in Peony Poppy Fever! How can I not share these photos with you!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-15 12.14.59BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 08.42.15BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.40.31BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.38.58BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-17 19.12.51BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 08.58.07BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 08.57.23BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.39.23BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 08.57.08

The roses adore the warmth and longer days of Late Spring:

In the Soho Bed :

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-18 20.06.56
Copper Queen
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 18.27.58
Just Joey
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.39.07
Just Joey

In the Moon Bed :

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 17.48.52
Jude the Obscure
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-15 12.14.29
Jude the Obscure
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.43.38
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 16.59.26
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.11.27
Golden Celebration
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.10.51
William Morris

And now the debut of the final David Austin rose in the Moon Bed :

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.42.52

On the Main Pergola :

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-17 19.18.14
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.11.40

Beside the shed, Viridiflora is still in full bloom, while Archiduc Joseph and Countess Bertha are preparing for another rendez-vous!

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.13.02

The Dahlia season has started! Our stunning red dahlia from last week has been joined by this beautiful gold bud, which opened into this striking flower.BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 08.59.02BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 18.35.37BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 18.35.44BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 18.35.54BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 08.27.28

The Tree Dahlias against the shed are growing like Jack-and-the-Beanstalk. See the difference one week can make!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-14 09.18.53BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.13.19

The Acanthus and Geranium are still a delight and the purple heliotrope smells divine!

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 17.16.01
View of Acanthus mollis stalk from the top
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.37.47
Rosalie Geranium
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-18 20.04.20
Heliotrope ‘Lord Roberts’
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 17.17.04

We have had our first Buddleia flower, a sure sign of the advent of Summer, as are the hydrangea buds and lilies.

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 09.01.21
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-18 20.03.42
Madonna Lily

The NSW Christmas Bush is almost ready for the festive season!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.16.00

The vegetable garden is thriving. I can’t wait to taste the Dutch Cream potatoes and Heritage tomatoes! We are enjoying daily fresh salads, straight from the garden, though I am still a bit uncertain about the colour of these carrots and the size of these radishes!!! However, I am  looking forward to the apple crop!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-16 17.00.10BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 13.34.02BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-18 20.12.13BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 13.27.48BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 18.37.28BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.09.51

Here are photos of the bouquets for this week:

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 10.36.54
Calendula flowers and herbs
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 10.37.15
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 10.37.33
The Children’s Rose, Heaven Scent, Catmint and Lavender
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 10.37.55
Copper Queen, Catmint and Lavender
BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 10.38.33
Mr. Lincoln

The local birdlife has been amazing! Lots of flyovers by Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and their raucous cousins, the white Sulphur-crested Cockatoos; huge flocks of noisy Galahs and screeching Corellas; manic Storm Birds heralding the hot Summer days and Channel-billed Cuckoos striking fear into the nesting bird population, as does this visiting Butcher Bird!

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.26.30

The following visitors were even more unwelcome : Stink Bugs! Also known by the name of Bronze Orange Bug (Musgraveia sulciventris). They love our Cumquat trees and new Lemon tree and their population was increasing daily! Ross gave them a welcome with soapy water and they responded by releasing their foul smell, but at least he reduced their numbers, for this week at least! He will also spray the trees with Eco-oil every fortnight to control them.

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 09.45.40BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.12.26BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 11.12.40BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 18.47.01

We planted out the potted Golden Hornet Crabapple (foreground left in photo), though I have yet to be convinced that it hasn’t been mislabelled, due to the red hue of their ripening fruit. Whatever their variety, the fruit will still be good for making crab apple jelly!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 08.14.34BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 18.26.11

We also repotted all the rose cuttings from last Winter’s foray up north. Some had died, but the majority had developed excellent root systems, with one or two even flowering. We will leave them in their new larger pots until June next year, when we will plant some out in the garden and sell the rest.BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 10.39.32BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 17.59.59

BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-14 09.25.26
Bloom on Albéric Barbier cutting

I was kept busy in the sewing room, helping my daughter to make mozzie net curtains for the van and then, we sadly farewelled our travellers! Bon Voyage and Many Happy Adventures!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-21 09.32.32BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-20 20.03.10

Finally, I will leave you with a photo of our beautiful red maple, with the sun shining through its foliage. Roll on Summer!!!BlogEndofSpring20%Reszd2015-11-19 17.37.01




6 thoughts on “The End of Spring

  1. What lovely colours – so bright!
    I am sitting here in the dark in front of the fire watching the great british pottery throwdown on tv…its so cold! Hot cup of tea in hand…
    Summer seems a long way away! xx


  2. Sweetheart how lovely all your photos are,I am so pleased you have such a beautiful home and gorgeous garden.Things seem to have settled down and you both deserve to enjoy this gorgeous spot XXXMum

    Sent from my iPad



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