Butterfly Heaven

Now that the Peony Poppy season is over, my new obsession is … Butterflies!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.24.57BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.25.02BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-05 17.20.39BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.28.19BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.29.08BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.30.47 With the Buddleias in full bloom, we have so many flutter-bys of many different varieties, as well as lots of busy bees!!!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 08.45.49BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-03 10.24.44BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.32.16BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.04.05BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 15.31.21BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-05 17.17.59The latter also enjoy sunbaths in the few remaining poppies.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%ReszdIMG_1764The wasps are also very industrious, building their hexagonal nests on our house walls.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-11-27 18.08.20We saw a beautiful, delicate dragonfly resting on the Dogwood, as well as a tiny white spider on our new purple rose in the Soho Bed.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.00.33BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 09.20.35The roses have been stunning in the Soho Bed.

BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.18.34
Copper Queen
BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.18.44
L D Braithwaite
BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.19.11
Mr Lincoln
BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.18.59
Lady X

I couldn’t resist cutting them for the house! Two new bouquets for the week!

Photo 1: Icegirl (white), Lady X (mauve), Just Joey (pale pink), Children’s Rose (pink), Alnwick (pink)BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 09.27.52Photo 2: Mr Lincoln (red), LD Braithwaite (deep red), Copper Queen (gold) and Lolita (orange pink).BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-03 12.46.47Lamarque is also blooming again in front of the house.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 18.59.02Mutabilis (1st photo) has a new lease of life, as does Archiduc Joseph (2nd and 3rd photo) by the shed.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-03 10.27.46BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-11-30 18.03.01BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 09.23.43The Dahlias are still mind-blowingly stunning!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-05 17.29.09And the Tree Dahlia is now halfway up the window!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.14.26The army of Acanthus and Agapanthus is steadily advancing, with its numbers swelling every day and has been joined by a surprise contingent of orange Canna Lilies.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.15.28BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.15.47BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.16.06BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.18.38BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-05 17.29.53My Madonna Lily, also known as Peace Lily (Lilium candidum), will certainly have its work cut out! So will its Praying Mantis!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.19.25BlogButterflyHeaven 20%ReszdIMG_1774BlogButterflyHeaven 20%ReszdIMG_1775BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 08.43.39The first of the hydrangeas is flowering – another beautiful white bloom!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%ReszdIMG_1768The main garden tasks this week have been watering, weeding, manuring and mulching, as well as planting out Cosmos seeds in the tulip/stock bed and zinnias in the Calendula bed.

Down in the vegie garden (1st photo), the Burgundy Spray sunflower is growing taller (2nd photo). The 3rd photo shows the back of the sunflower (left foreground), with pumpkins and zucchinis, then Dutch Cream and Desiree potatoes, all in flower, and the cutting garden in the background.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.22.53BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 17.20.36BlogButterflyHeaven 20%ReszdIMG_1767The old-fashioned Sweet Peas are starting to flower and smell divine!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-03 10.26.56BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-11-30 17.58.42I love the attractive star-shaped fruit of the Pomegranate.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-11-30 18.00.01The thyme has almost completely surrounded the sundial.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 19.01.47These African Spoonbill Daisies (Osteospermum ‘Whirlygig’) also remind me of clock faces and the passing of time.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-11-29 16.19.57Time seems to stand still, when relaxing on the front verandah and looking out into the different layers of green in the background. We feel so fortunate to be sheltered by this wall of green, unbroken by houses or traffic!BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-02 18.51.26Little wonder that this area is so rich in birdlife! We love hearing and watching the huge flocks of Corellas flying over the garden in the early morning and late afternoon, with the sun shining through their wings. Here are some photos of their newest recruit with his mother in the gum tree in the lane way behind our house.BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 09.17.46BlogButterflyHeaven 20%Reszd2015-12-01 09.17.14


























6 thoughts on “Butterfly Heaven

  1. Way too much loveliness! Given my outdoor adventures have been curtailed somewhat with a plastered leg for over a month now, I am particularly enjoying your visual bounty.


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