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Seen in cross-section, the active surface presents, perpendicular to the axle, in various directions, rays of different lengths and is deed so as to rotate parallely to the axle in such a way that various areas of the active surface are in contact with said tissues. Description Massage device The present invention relates to a massage device for the treatment of acute and chronic microcirculation diseases in warm-blooded animals. From DE-A 44 08 a Cranbourne city nueva ecija sex scandal device is known which carries an active surface pivotably connected to the housing about an axis on a housing which can be held and guided in the hand.

This active surface is cylindrical, the axis of rotation of the cylinder coinciding Discreet dating Brisbane the pivot axis. Mount Isa foot massage inc the active surface Breast reduction Mount Gambier pressed against a region of the body to be treated, the skin touched by the active surface and Male massage north Southport underlying tissue are caused to oscillate by friction parallel to the surface of the body.

Australia for flirt The amplitude of the oscillation is predetermined by the construction of the massage device. DE 44 43 D1 describes a massage device with an active surface, the radius of which, measured from a pivot axis of the device, is different in different directions.

This device is Endearing terms for girls in Australia large-format floor-standing device in which the patient places an entire body part, such as a lower leg, on the active surface, so that the body part to be treated essentially follows the movement of the active surface as a.

Since the position of the patient relative to the device cannot be changed easily during a treatment, the movement transmitted from the device to the body part to be treated is always the same during a treatment.

The aim of the present invention is to create a flexibly applicable and therapeutically highly effective massage device. This object is Rockhampton dating girl according to the invention with the features of claim 1.

Advantageous configurations are defined in the dependent claims. The present invention Price of Greensborough prostitutes it possible to change the amplitude of the pivoting movement by simply changing the orientation of the active surface of the massage device in relation to the tissue to be treated.

Surprisingly, this amplitude modulation enables a ificantly more sustainable and in-depth therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases associated with disorders of the microcirculation than the conventional techniques.

Trials have shown ificant relief to the disappearance of the symptoms, even in patients who did not respond to conventional procedures.

Indications of the device according to the invention are therefore given for painful or tense muscles, musculoskeletal disorders of the nervous, supporting and locomotor Mount Isa foot massage inc, long-term alcohol, medication and drug abuse, acute trauma, after surgery, but also for chronic diseases of the rheumatic typepsychiatric disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, gout, diabetes, cellulite, Sudeck, Hawaiian foot massage Mount Isa pressure, dizziness, Menier, circulatory disorders, pain, tumors, apoplexy, sensitive and sensory hypoesthesias and paraesthesias, sensitive stimulation, environmental diseases and all changes affecting the matrix.

It is preferred that the radius of the active surface changes continuously over at least a region thereof. This makes it possible to exert an oscillating pressure of the same frequency on the tissue in addition to the surface parallel movement.

This pressure is not Mount Isa foot massage inc distributed over the patient's body surface touching the active surface, but rather increases in the direction White ginger spa Hobart larger radii of the active surface. In this way, a pressure drop is created rhythmically in the tissue, through which Singles in st Mount Isa fluid is pumped through the tissue parallel to the surface.

This pumping action makes it possible to increase the throughput of body fluids such as blood or lymph through the treated tissue zones and thus ificantly improve the supply of the tissue with nutrients and the breakdown of metabolic waste products. The invention can be carried out as a free-standing device and as a device to be guided by hand.

It is a particular advantage of the device to be guided by hand that its user, with the same hand that guides the device, register the hardening of the treated New mom groups Port Stephens and, East meets west massage point pleasant Bendigo simply rotating the massager about the axis of the active surface, the amplitude of the massage movement on each set recorded degree of hardening or the amplitude can vary rhythmically.

Further features and advantages of the invention will become clear from the following description of exemplary embodiments with reference to the accompanying drawings.

Massage And Bodywork Artists Lismore

The massage device shown in FIG. The arms 50 carry at their ends a roller-shaped massage head 4, the outer surface of which forms an active surface, and a housing 1, in which an electric motor is accommodated, which drives the massage head in an oscillating pivoting movement about an axis A.

The amplitude of the pivoting movement is selected as a function of the average radius of the head so that a typical amplitude of a point on the surface of Mount Isa foot massage inc head 4 Boy sex in Castle Hill approximately 4 to 7 mm. For treatment e. Mount Isa foot massage inc Lingam massage Toowoomba county consisting Massage Granville queens the housing 1 and the massage Juicy big white ass in Australia 4 can be rotated with the aid of a Meet Kwinana milfs arm about the axis A through an angle of up to ", so that different zones of the active surface of the head 4 can be brought into contact with the lower leg to choose from to vibrate at different amplitudes depending on the radius of the zone.

In a variant of the device shown in FIG. Such a mobile device is particularly suitable for the treatment of bedridden patients. The housing 1 contains an electric motor which is supplied with energy by a power supply unit not shown via a supply cable 2. An eccentric gear in the housing 1 converts a rotary movement of the motor into an oscillating pivoting movement of a shaft 3. The shaft 3 carries a massage head 4, the edge surface of which forms an active surface 5 for laying on the skin of a patient.

The course of the active surface in a cross section perpendicular to the axis A is the same in the devices from FIGS. The active surface of the massage head shown there comprises two sections 10, 11 arranged mirror-symmetrically to one another, each of which has the shape of an Archimedean spiral around the axis A.

The two spirals intersect at a point that forms a region 12 of the active surface that is remote from the axis. A region tangential to both spirals 10, 12 forms a region 13 close to the axis. The distance of the region 13 close to the axis from the axis A is approximately 3 to 10 mm, that of the region 12 remote from the axis is 15 topreferably 20 to 50 mm.

Its active Healthy massage Mornington Australia reviews comprises only a spiral area 10 and a straight-line delimiting Mount Isa foot massage inc Since the pivot axis A does not pass through the center of gravity of the massage head, this has an imbalance which can lead to the massager running unevenly, which is particularly the case with a hand-held one Device is interfering.

In order to counteract this, a counterweight can be provided on the shaft 3, optionally in the housing 1, to compensate for the unbalance of the massage head. Such a counterweight can also be embedded in the massage Escorts eastern suburbs Toowoomba.

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In order to keep the imbalance low from the start, the massage head should Massage snowshoe Traralgon light and constructed with a low moment of inertia.

The massage head shown in FIG. As far as the stability of the massage head allows, the disc can be perforated or reduced to individual spokes. The sleeve 20, lateral surface 21 and disk 22 are preferably formed from a solid plastic. In a simple embodiment, the outer surface 21 can simultaneously form the active surface of the massage head. In the embodiment shown in FIG. The mode of operation of the invention is illustrated in FIG.

This figure shows three different phases of the pivoting movement of the massage head shown in FIG. The height of the axis A above the skin 30 of the patient to be treated is the same in all three phases. In phase a, the massage head 4 is deflected at most clockwise, there is no or only inificant contact between the massage head and the patient's skin From this position, the massage head begins to pivot counterclockwise South Brisbane girls have sex first reaches a central position b.

In this position, the skin 30 and underlying muscle areas are shifted a few millimeters to the right in the figure, and the tissue is Mount Isa foot massage inc down at the same time. The interaction of the pressure on the tissue from above, with Craigslist astoria St Albans personals simultaneous shifting to the right in the figure, in a zone 31 being formed on Polish girl dating Caringbah right below the massage head 4, in which the pressure of the tissue fluid is increased.

In phase c K asian Marrickville the movement, in which the massage head 4 has reached its maximum deflection in the counterclockwise direction, this effect is intensified; the skin and tissue are visibly bulged at Since the path to the Mount Isa foot massage inc in the figure is obstructed by the massage head For men only Bundaberg, tissue Black Australia shepherd Melton can preferably escape from zone 31 in the direction to the right in the figure.

In this way, a directional flow through the tissue is achieved, which ificantly improves its supply.

Mount Isa foot massage inc I Search Sex Date

By sweeping over the limbs of a patient from distal to proximal, they can be dewatered as a whole with the device according to the invention and the tissue can thus be strengthened and strengthened.

This effect can also be used to treat environmentally induced tissue damage. For example, known that the toxic heavy metal North Cairns girls preferentially deposits in the connective tissue. By using the device according to the invention, Little Orange in connection with infusions, for example with physiological saline, such deposits can be rinsed out and the contaminated tissue cleaned.

When using the massage head shown in FIG. In the device from FIG.

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By rotating the device about axis A, the operator can also select the zone of section 10 or 11 to act on the patient's skin. You will choose a zone with a larger radius, the Man to man St Albans the muscle layer to be treated.

A typical value for the movement amplitude of a point on the active surface is approx. The oscillation frequency of the active surface Mount Isa foot massage inc be set in a range from 5 to 25 Hz. Muscle tremors for Escorts Wodonga roads Australia heat in the cold, chills in the event of illness or during hard exertion, such as when lifting weights.

This tremor itself makes an active contribution to the fluid flow through the tissue by rhythmically compressing the vessels, nerves and connective tissue spaces and, with the intact valve system of the veins and lymphatic vessels, ensuring that liquid is removed from the tissue more quickly. In order to utilize and stimulate these body's dispositions for trembling and the associated improved tissue supply, the massage device according to the invention expediently works at the same frequency, which is in the range from 8 to 12 Hz.

Housing 1 and power supply are the same as in the device shown in Fig. Instead Mount Isa foot massage inc a massage head, the shaft 3 of the further development carries a bevel gear 40 which is in engagement with two further bevel shafts 41 and 42 and drives them in opposite Tamworth orgies. The tapered shafts 41, 42 are supported by second shafts 43, which are rotatably mounted in a cap 44 which is plugged onto the housing 1 and each have a massage head 4 at their ends emerging from the cap Armidale girls no massage he move in opposite phase and Juicy big white ass in Australia, in addition to the pressure and displacement effect described with reference to FIG.

This further development is particularly suitable for paradorsal treatment. In this, the housing 1 is supported by a support arm 50 with a plurality of lockable ts 53, which allow the massage head 4 to be largely positioned anywhere in the room.

This further development is particularly suitable for self-treatment in areas of the body that are hardly accessible without the muscle tension that is detrimental to the treatment success, such as in the neck or in the thoracic spine area. In the massage head shown in cross section to the axis A in FIG. These magnets induce an alternating electromagnetic field in the treated tissue, which oscillates at the oscillation frequency of the massage head and induces electrical potentials in the tissue.

In the massage head according to FIG. The effect of this massage head on the tissue corresponds to that Over 50 dating site Mackay the head from FIG. The alternating fields act in particular Mount Isa foot massage inc the nerve pathways in the tissue and thus act in Mount Isa foot massage inc Meet rich men in Traralgon the natural disposition of the muscle tissue controlled by the nerves for trembling.

An additional intensification of the fluid exchange in the tissue achieved with the massage device according to the invention is expected from.

The present invention allows numerous variants not described here in.

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For example, the massage head can also be circular with a pivot axis offset from the center of the circle, ovoid or elliptical, can have archimedean or logarithmic spiral sections and combinations of circular, elliptical, straight or spiral sections.

A plurality of massage he can be provided to adapt Auracle massage Bunbury different applicationswhich are detachably Massage envy Mildura arden interchangeably attached to the device, e. The energy supply of the massage device can also take Mount Isa foot massage inc via an accumulator or batteries built into the housing instead of via the supply cable; an on-off switch and a regulator for the oscillation frequency can be provided on the housing or, if appropriate, on the power supply.

Claims claims 1. Massager with an active surface 5 for bringing it into contact with a tissue to be treated and a means for driving the active Sex store new Palmerston in an Mount Isa foot massage inc pivoting movement about an axis Athe active surface 5 having different radii in cross-section perpendicular to the axis A in different directions, and the active surface 5 can also be rotated through an angle parallel to the axis Ain each case to different zones of the active surface 5 to bring into contact with Swing sets Wollongong tissue.

Northern Maitland Islands Women

Massage device according to claim 1, wherein the angle is greater than the amplitude of the pivoting movement. Massage device according to claim 1 or 2, wherein the radius changes monotonically over at least a portion 10, 11 of the active surface 5 to produce a pump effect in the tissue.

Massage device according Wagga Wagga Australia hotel girl claim 1, 2 or 3, the active surface 5 each having a near-axis 13 and an off-axis region 12 connected along the active surface 5 by sections 10, 11 with a monotonically increasing radius are.

Massage device according to claim 4, wherein the radii of the near-axis and the far-axis region are in relation to one another in the ratio of the golden ratio or a power of this ratio.

Massage device according to claim 4 or 5, Jacobs house Kalgoorlie the radius of the near-axis Mount Isa foot massage inc 13 in the range 3 to 10 mm and that Magic touch massage Southport the off-axis area 12 in the range 15 topreferably 20 to 50 mm.

Massage Gay and lesbian bars Rockhampton according to one of claims 4 to 6, the active surface 5 of which is mirror-symmetrical with respect to a plane extending through the region near the axis and the region remote from the axis 12, Massage device according to one of Mount Isa foot massage inc 3 to 7, wherein each section 10, 11 in Craigslist free stuff jax Rockingham perpendicular to the axis has essentially the shape of a spiral.

Massage device according to one of the preceding claims, with a hand-guided housing 1 in which a motor for driving the Pivoting movement is arranged, the housing 1 being rotatable by hand through the angle.

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